Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Indoor Street Art by Paul Baines

Indoor Street Art by Paul Baines

Miniature Urban Art

Posted: 11 May 2011 03:04 AM PDT

Alan Wolfson sculpts amazing 3D handmade photorealistic painted miniature sculptures of urban environments. Complete with complex interior views and lighting effects, a major work can take several months to complete. The pieces are usually not exact representations of existing locations, but rather a combination of details from many different locations along with much of the detail from the artist's imagination. There is a narrative element to the work. Scenarios are played out through the use of inanimate objects in the scene. There are never people present, only things they have left behind; garbage, graffiti, or a tip on a diner table, all give the work a sense of motion and a storyline.

Alan Wolfson

Canal St. Cross-Section Casbah Club Follies Burlesk Hopp's Luncheonette Nathan's Coney Island New York Army-Navy Non-Stop Action Peepworld Street Corner 1 Alan Wolfson

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