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  • gotohamish
    Oct 28, 03:51 AM
    Originally posted by cubist
    ... which has gone way off topic and gone over 150 posts, I don't think a new ibook is expected. The iBook will probably get a faster G3 sometime in 2003.

    General consensus regarding 11/5 is (a) a 19" LCD monitor, (b) a 933MHz or 1GHz PowerBook G4, possibly with a SuperDrive; and (c) a new iApp of some kind.
    The 667MHz PBG4 will likely be discontinued. The iApp may wait until MWSF. There may be a price drop on the 15" LCD iMac.

    The IBM PPC 970 chip will debut in Macs in fall 2003. It will be a long wait, but we will be putting up with 1GHz G4s until then. Fall 2003 will be the debut of the Opteron (Hammer) 64-bit PCs too.

    What do you think this new iApp will do? I'm thinking video conferencing with .Mac intergration. Nov. 5th will probably see the FULL RELEASE of iSync, complimenting the built-in Bluetooth on the NEW POWERBOOKS released alongside it.:D

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  • ffakr
    Sep 2, 10:13 PM
    Originally posted by passwordispong

    That is exactly my point. If people pay high prices for software that isn't as good as it should be why should microsoft change? Of course if people stoped upgrading to the latest version and used the versions they already had, and demanded microsoft release a better product, then they would be forced to. Microsoft doesn't make any money if you keep using versions you have already own. Well, once they go to subscription licences then they will, but that is a different story.

    More likely, when people see that there is no reason to get the version of Office after Office X (Word 5 did everything I needed), then sales will die. Microsoft probably won't see this as people rejecting $200 upgrade costs for 5 new features.. they will see it as a lack of interest from Mac users and they will kill all future of versions of Office.

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  • qtip919
    Jun 15, 03:45 PM
    He has a 2 year transition plan which begins effectively today

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  • hacurio
    Oct 17, 04:28 PM
    Originally posted by MacCoaster
    ...AMD is bringing the Hammer out early beating PowerPC 970 by several months, and they are highly likely to scale much further by the time PowerPC 970 finally comes out.


    Since when was 1051 ever higher than 1170. Same is true for 937. 937 isn't higher than 1202. So technically, the AMD is beating the PowerPC 970. Who cares if it's at a higher clock. 200 MHz, yay! That doesn't mean the AMD is less efficient... from the looks of it, the AMD is just as efficient, just coming out earlier.

    I agree that the AMD and the P4 will be faster by the time the 970 comes out, but let�s not forget that the Power Mac will probably be DUAL!!!!! Also you should consider that by the time the 970 comes out, there will only be two 64bit processors in the desktop market: AMD Hammer and the PPC 970 (the Itanium is not a desktop processor.)
    Apple knows they need to improve their power lines. Did you read Apple�s Q4 results? Their Power Mac sales are extremely low; they will definitely push performance with the 970. So think about it this way:

    -Dual 970 1.8GHz

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  • big
    Oct 12, 01:22 PM
    I hate TV, maybe eye hate TV, though I definatly do.

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  • psycoswimmer
    Mar 18, 04:13 PM
    Yes, Gamestop & EB Games still sell used (and maybe new?) Gamecubes, Xboxs, and PS2s. I'm pretty sure they all go for less than $100.

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  • Macaddicttt
    Apr 27, 07:29 AM
    what school do you go to?

    I'm at Georgetown. What about you?

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  • jive
    Jun 9, 06:55 AM
    I'd say they've got the creative market sewn up (with the help of Adobe) and the only thing they might start to need to make is HDTVs for Post production...

    But that's all I can think of...

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  • krank
    Oct 13, 12:17 AM

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  • ddtlm
    Oct 21, 06:09 PM

    Two channels of X mhz do not make one channel of 2X mhz, and it never has, anywhere.

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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 21, 04:13 PM
    See other thread on this topic. And please don't quote entire articles. You may excerpt them and give the link.

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  • annk
    Sep 14, 02:54 PM
    This is her link. I voted.

    So did I, thanks for posting the link. But pvong, my votes for your nephew have been refused the couple of days. I keep getting a message I've already voted.

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  • MrMacMan
    Oct 17, 03:45 PM
    SOON. It may not come in a week, it may not come in a year, but I'll be goddamed if the military didn't have it already. :D
    well it looks good, but does it run games? :D

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  • midgetwarrior
    Feb 20, 11:21 PM

    and this just now made the news... just so you unkowing ones know ....HAHAH this meathod works with any song, any platform, any format, any service, you name it!!!.... its the oldest trick in the book.....
    HAHAH you can encript auido ALLL YOUUUU WANNNNT... but the music coming to your head phones is ANALOG.. not didgital... *your ears cant decript one's and zeros*.. and its recordable.. so run that out put into some good PC recording equiptmment... get it as a wave- let some program hash it into an MP3... and there you go... your own digital copy of "ENCRYPTED" music. OH AND WINAMP isnt the only progam that dose this though your soundcard... almost every "music making" program on the planet- that allows you to record- has this feature. HOWEVER the catch to this trick is noise, interference, and sound quailty loss.... HOWEVER this can easliy be twarted by using good semi pro/professional recording equiptiment ... and or track mastering and cleaning programs.... AHHAHAH i knew it was only a matter of time before this one finally got into the media...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    IF mac towers are able to use 3rd party sound card systems like PC's do.. then every thing i just stated should work.... but i havent had the pleasure of trying i cant be sure.... But there are other ways.... tooo for this "trick" to WORK
    you can take the sound output of your compouter/ipod and run it though a tape deck, DV deck,- record it- then using a program like FCP or sound track... or a 3d party one... run the auido back though the machine.. and have it record it... OR
    go out and buy a CD-R burner Sterio system unit... run the out put into it- it will record it to the disk... take the disk and pop it in to the mac pull the track to the desktop and use sound track to trim......

    ... or you could not do any of this and just download the tracks off LIME WIRE...

    OH AND for all of you that are saying that this crazy ass PC method is ILLEAGLE.. its not.... becuse it dose not fall under anthing digital these are analog meathods... when the program *winamp* caputres the auido off the card its not re-digitizing it- its sampling the cards wave out put that is being sent out to your headphones... so winamp is acting like a virtual casset recorder... and because its the analog that being capured all aplicable laws fall under analog baised copy right acts even though the track in the end is a digital .WAV track... However as soon as you convert it into an MP3 and put out on LIME WIRE or KAzaa then your in violation for distribution. its a very thin line to walk but its not Illeagle.


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  • rockandrule
    Mar 6, 09:22 PM
    Yeah, I read both links but still don't really know what's going on haha. All I know is that it is for a good cause, so I'm down. Plus, their not testing on animals so it's a big plus for me.

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  • annk
    Sep 14, 04:11 PM
    annk - very strange. You should only get that message if you try to vote within a 24 hour period. I had no problems and I haven't had anyone tell me the same thing. I'm not sure what happened. The contest is about to be over anyway. Thanks for at least trying!!!

    It worked now. That'll be my last vote, I'm afraid, because it's almost midnight here, and at this time tomorrow I'll be chaperoning my 9th grader's school party. (poor kid, but he's taking it with good grace :p )

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  • UnixMac
    Oct 11, 08:59 AM
    Fink, while Apple hard ware is lagging behind (for now), and it is expensive. I for one am not ready to abandon ship.

    a. I hate, no, I loathe, Windows XP.
    b. I love Apple designs
    c. I love OS X

    so, I will hold on to my money, and if Apple disappoints me or makes me wait too long, I will just buy a new car, and be content with my desk top this the G5 is out.

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  • dornoforpyros
    Mar 30, 01:43 PM
    I was always led to believe that the Apple logo (with a bite taken out of it) was chosen in memory of Alan Turing (creator of the first electronic computer at Bletchley Park during WW2) - who commited suicide by taking a bite from an apple laced with cyanide - after being threatened with jail for being gay. I saw a program on TV about Apple many years ago that gave this story of how the company logo came about. Surely Apple would be advised to use this version of events in court rather than saying it was Steve Job's liking of Beatles music - which might only make Apple Corps (beatles) position stronger!!

    Even though the first apple sold $666 I really don't think they are that morbid.

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  • GeeYouEye
    Oct 14, 01:30 AM
    Originally posted by crazy_will
    if they did make a two button mouse, it would probobly be sold only to pro users, like the editing keyboard was. they could make it programable, or build in with a programable scroll wheel, so zooming in and out or moving forward in a timeline, or something. Most likely not wiht the idea of scrolling long web pages (besides, a lot of scroll mouse users use the directional keys to look at web pages; i know i do!)

    While the rest is all well and good, I have to ask: editing keyboard? Apple made an editing keyboard? :confused:

    To everyone else: The one-button mouse is just fine for me. It serves all my purposes well, and I am hardly a novice user. Any time I need a contextual menu, I crtl-click. It's become second nature at this point. The only reason I would want a multi-button mouse is that you need one to run Maya, even the PLE version. Okay, fine the scroll wheels are nice too.

    Jan 18, 07:23 AM
    Interesting, I didn't know that. As for SoundJam, I think Apple bought the developers and went from there.

    I didn't either until I read about most of it on Daring Fireball. SJ they bought. Audion they offered because they were about to release iTunes, but the Audion guys refused. There was an interesting story posted on their website after the decided to release it for free after discontinuing it.

    Apr 3, 12:24 PM
    Unless it's been updated recently, the Mac version of FF is really buggy. For example, start a download, then close the browser window. Now open a new browser window. See the problem? :eek:

    I have a copy of Camino on my system which I use for the occasional page that won't open in Safari. It's easy to load it too - just highlight the page address and press Cmd-Shift-U.

    Wow, never noticed that. Well, I don't really like FF on the Mac because of its bugginess. I've noticed it has some weird problems with JS, and various other things. The review wasn't that great.

    mr evil brkfast
    Oct 7, 01:25 PM
    My mistake. I believe the 800mhz superdrive was just lowered by $100 dollars US.

    Jun 12, 04:30 PM
    What brought you back?i'm in charge of a lab installation at the university that's being upgraded. the machines folded on by me and rowercpu over the years were 1ghz pcs. essentially my total and his up to march is the output of the same machines under different names. while in 2001 these machines put out a lot of units, they are slow by todays pc standards. one of the new machines probably is like 3 or 4 of the old machines

    they should be up by friday at the latest

    May 18, 08:50 PM
    Whaaa? So maybe Dell is only using AMD chips for their servers. Opterons in "high-end four processors models."

    Full story here:

    heeeere (!-9868069&UrAuth=%60N\NUObN\UbTTUWUXUWUZTZUUUWU_UWUZU\U%60UcTYWYWZV&urcm=y)

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